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Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator Review With Photos

People select the Garmin GPS 60CSx for its high sensitivity, accurate data logging and indication. This Garmin GPS 60CSx handheld GPS navigator is rated as the top selling GPS unit to date. The reason being its high sensitivity, large display screen and a huge bundle of handy features.

Garmin GPS 60CSx GPS Navigator
Equipped with the latest GPS receiver from SiRF, the Garmin GPS 60CSx will track you even if you are covered under dense trees. It doesn’t matter where you use this GPS navigator, it will work every where plus it will indicate all the parameters that are shown by a barometric altimeter and an electronic compass. This GPS unit supports Garmin MapSource products such as

  • BlueChart
  • City Navigator
  • U.S. Topo 24K
  • U.S. Topo

Including recreational lakes indicating fishing hot spots. The Garmin GPS 60CSx comes pre-loaded with America’s autoroute basemap. Plus this handheld GPS navigator can also be used as a vehicle GPS navigator as it can also tell you turn by turn directions while driving. It will indicate real time data such as max speed, total time, average speed, distance travelled etc.

Garmin 60CSx

The Garmin GPS 60CSx has a 256-color TFT screen that is 2.6 inches (diagonal length). The screen has no viewing issues like other handheld GPS units have because you can view your data even in sunlight. The case of this GPS navigator is very light weight yet it is water resistant and can be submerged in one meter of water for as long as 30 minutes. The Garmin 60CSx runs on 2 x AA batteries. If you use alkaline batteries, this unit will continue to work for 20 hours. It is always a nice idea to keep spare set of batteries.

One of the handy features in this Garmin GPS 60CSx is the ability to automatically log 10,000 tracks. This feature comes in handy when you want to trace a return route plus the dual display mode makes this handier and can turn out to be a real match winner. The Garmin GPs navigator has a microSD card slot plus it comes with a 64 MB memory card which can be used for storing additional maps. This device supports a maximum of 2 GB external memory. You can even connect the Garmin GPS 60CSx with your computer via USB cable so that you can download information at a quicker pace.

Garmin GPS 60CSx Photos

Garmin 60CSx Photo

Garmin 60 CSx Photo

For those of you who think that Garmin GPS 60CSx is just like other GPS navigators, they are in for a little surprise because this GPS unit is packed with some really cool and fun GPS games (see details).

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