Small Hobby Greenhouse – Garden and Patio Greenhouse

Hobby Greenhouse - Small Patio Greenhouse

When looking for a small and compact size greenhouse kit for your home, few things must always be kept in mind such as the dimensions (LxWxH), where you will be installing the greenhouse, average wind speed in your area throughout the year etc. Only then one should invest in a greenhouse. But for a hobby greenhouse such as the one shown below, there is not much you have to consider. This small greenhouse is a product by Weatherguard.

Hobby Greenhouse - Small Patio Greenhouse
This hobby greenhouse comes in two sizes. One is 12 feet long while the other is 8 feet in length. Both the greenhouses are 6 feet wide and stand 6.5 feet tall. This is just about the perfect height for a small size greenhouse in which you can grow lots of herbs, some fruits and plenty of flowers. This compact greenhouse can be placed in your garden, patio backyard etc.

This Weatherguard greenhouse has all-steel construction with a flexible frame design. The pipes are 1.25 inches in diameter. Galvanized base bolts are provided which bolt to the foundation for durability and strength against strong winds. The entire weight of this small greenhouse is 130 lbs for a 12 feet long greenhouse while the 8 feet long weighs just under 100 lbs. This patio greenhouse is meant to last for years since it has a commercial grade galvanized steel frame. All the necessary assembly hardware and instructions are provided with this greenhouse.

This hobby greenhouse features a rugged all weather triple layer polyurethane cover that has a front entry opening. This small greenhouse makes use of the smart vent design which allows air to flow in and out from the base plus the windows also provide nice airflow through this patio greenhouse. Just make sure you keep your dog (if any) out of it these do not offer any kind of weather insulation for which only an insulated dog house is highly recommended.

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