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  • Droplet : A $300 Garden Watering Robot Saves Water

    Droplet : A $300 Garden Watering Robot Saves Water

    [asa]B00IORFJBG[/asa] If you have quite a few plantation in your backyard or garden that requires watering but you are finding it difficult to keep up with the water requirement and the sprinkling systems offered in your area costs you quite a fortune in terms of annual water bills then the Droplet watering robot will come […]

  • Weed Eater 26 Inch Best Riding Lawn Mover – Riding Movers For Sale

    Weed Eater 26 Inch Best Riding Lawn Mover – Riding Movers For Sale

    If you are looking for a gas powered riding lawn mower for a small to medium size lawn then you might want to have a look at the Weed Eater WE-ONE which is considered to be the best riding lawn mower for a very reasonable price. Continue reading below to learn more about this gas […]

  • Small Hobby Greenhouse – Garden and Patio Greenhouse

    Small Hobby Greenhouse – Garden and Patio Greenhouse

    When looking for a small and compact size greenhouse kit for your home, few things must always be kept in mind such as the dimensions (LxWxH), where you will be installing the greenhouse, average wind speed in your area throughout the year etc. Only then one should invest in a greenhouse. But for a hobby […]

  • Low Voltage Garden Lights – Low Power Lighting For Garden

    For small gardens and lawn, it is not a nice idea to spend hundreds of dollars in lighting kits and then pay an additional cost each month in the form of electricity bills. For small gardens and lawns, a kit that contains low voltage garden lights is usually favored. The garden lighting kit shown below […]

  • 65 Gallons Rain Water Collection – Rain Water Barrel

    If you live in a region where it rains very often then you can make use of a rain barrel to collect and store rain water and use it for watering your plants and other for purpose. There are many expensive ways of achieving this by means of a complete rain water collection and storage […]

  • 2-in-1 Extendable Petrol Chainsaw and Pertrol Hedge Trimmer

    If you spend hundreds or even thousands in your yearly lawn maintenance then chances are you would be surprised to know that with your own garden maintenance kit you could cut down this amount by more than 50%. The kit we are talking about is the 2-in-1 Petrol Chainsaw and Petrol Hedge Trimmer by Eckman. […]

  • RL1000 Robomower Review – Robotic Lawn Mower

    The RL1000 Robomower is a robot that mows your lawn on its own without your intervention. Yes, that is right, unlike other lawn mowers it does the mowing and not you so it will not be a compliment to say it is a robotic lawn mower that does the job for you while you read […]