Amazon Fire Game Controller : Do you Really Need it ?

Amazon Fire Controller

Amazon Fire Controller

Amazon has recently introduced its media streaming device called Amazon Fire TV and along with it Amazon also introduced the Amazon Fire Game Controller which is sold as a separate purchase. The question you should be asking yourself is that should you really need to pay additional cost for a gaming controller or not.

As you know that the Amazon Fire TV has a very decent hardware to run some decent games which you can always play with the remote control that comes with it but to truly enjoy gaming experience on Amazon Fire TV one should definitely opt for the Amazon Fire game controller.

The Amazon Fire game controller looks nothing different than XBOX 360 controller plus it has dedicated buttons for controlling media on your Amazon Fire TV and can be used as an alternate to the remote control that comes with it.

The Fire Game controller is powered by 2 x AA batteries and thanks to the optimized hardware , the batteries last up to 55 hours of gameplay which is a lot of time for a Bluetooth gaming controller.

With 100+ games already included in Amazon Fire Games library and a lot more are on the way, thanks to Amazon Games Studios, Amazon Fire Game controller will turn out to be a smart investment for only $39.99 (see details).

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