rCube – Portable Wireless Docking Station For iDevices

rCube Portable Wireless speaker dock

rCube Portable Wireless speaker dock

The picture above is what is called rCube and it is yet another speaker dock for your iDevices that lets you stream and play high-fidelity sound from your iPod/iPhone/iPad without even connecting with wires. It is portable as well as wireless speaker docking station by Arcam UK. It has a battery life of up to 8 hours, less than half of Nokia Play 360, and it can be paired with up to four similar rCubes in a room or even in the outdoors. The Arcam rCube portable speaker dock has also been awarded “Best iPod Dock” during the SVI Trade Show. Currently the rCube portable speaker dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad is available for £499 (almost $797) in UK. Despite the high price tag, many would love to have at least two of the Arcam rCubes in their room.

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