Nokia Play 360 Portable Hi-Fi Speakers with 20 hrs Battery Life

Nokia Play 360 portable Hi-Fi speakers

For those who want high quality music from their phone, mp3 player and other similar devices, Nokia has released the Nokia Play 360 which is portable Hi-Fi speaker system having up to 20 hours of battery juice. Some of the main features of the new Nokia Play 360 speaker can be found below.

Nokia Play 360 portable Hi-Fi speakers

These are called Nokia Play 360 Hi-Fi speakers which means that you can connect any Bluetooth enabled device with it and enjoy high quality sound anywhere you go. The Nokia Play 360 speakers also support NFC. It is their unique design that delivers omnidirectional sound at every possible angle. You can easily pair two such speakers and the result is a high quality stereo sound. You can even connect with Nokia Play 360 through 3.5mm audio connector/cable.

These Nokia Play 360 portable Hi-Fi speakers are expected to be released by Q3 2011 for an estimated price of 149 Euro.

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