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Buffalo USB 3.0 Luxury Thumbdrive – USB Flash Drive

Buffalo USB 3.0 Luxury Thumbdrive

Buffalo has just launched new series of Thumbdrives, called the Buffalo USB 3.0 Luxury Thumbdrive. Note that Buffalo has recently released MiniStation Portable Hard Drive just few days ago. These new Buffalo USB 3.0 Thumbdrives come in attractive colors and due to its elegant appearance; it is suitable for both men and women. These are available in Black Night, Silver Moon, Brown Earth and Ocean colors. These are transferring data at USB 3.0 speeds which by all means is the quickest to date interface in terms of universal serial bus. The new Buffalo USB 3.0 luxury Thumbdrive weighs no more than 10g and measure about 21x9x55 mm carrying 1-year warranty. These are also backward compatible to USB 2.0. The Buffalo USB 3.0 Luxury Thumbdrive can be obtained in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities for 4,450 YEN, 8,450 YEN, 13,450 YEN and 25,450 YEN or roughly $55, $104, $166 and $314 respectively.