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Buffalo MiniStation HD-PCT1TU2 : 1TB Portable Hard Drive

Buffalo 1TB MiniStation HD-PCT1TU2 Portable Hard Drive

Not to the surprise, this one is also scheduled to be initially released in Japan. The Buffalo MiniStation HD-PCT1TU2 is a USB 2.0 portable hard drive having 1TB capacity and possessing a very low form factor. Available in either white or black color, the Buffalo MiniStation Hard drive has a glossy enclosure and is ideal for travelers as you can easily carry it in your pockets. We would have loved to see USB 3.0 support but that would have added to the price as well. The Bufallo MiniStation HD-PCT1TU2 1TB portable hard drive has bundled software pre-installed for data security and encryption, data backup as well as power management. Currently the 1TB Bufallo MiniStation portable hard drive will become available in Japan next month for about 13,600 Yen or 169 USD (approx).