Traxxas Stampede Truck – Electric Truck

Traxxas Stampede Truck

If you are looking for a really cool electric truck that will do all the tricks and will also reach speeds as high as 30 mph, then you should look no further as this Traxxas stampede truck has got all. Rated as one of the top electric R/C truck, this monster truck has more power, more speed and of course more tricks than your previous R/C truck could perform

Traxxas Stampede Truck
The reason why the Traxxas stampede truck is considered to be the best RC monster truck is simply because of the following reasons:

  • Simple Yet Effective Design
  • Durable Components
  • Acceleration Fully Controllable
  • Parts Easily Available

This R/C electric truck runs on batteries plus it comes with its own battery charger including all the necessary instruction and the getting started guide in order to get the Traxxas stampede truck on road, dirt, water, snow or whatever and wherever you want it to run. When batteries are fully charged, the R/C electric truck can reach maximum speed of 30 mph. It has a very powerful 12-turn modified motor plus the new XL-5 electronic speed control gives you complete control over your R/C truck.

RC Electric Monster Truck

The Traxxas Stampede truck has hardened gears plus it has brushless ready transmission that makes the ride even smoother. This R/C electric truck is fully water proof and is suitable for all kinds of weathers. Just a word of caution about the batteries. Batteries are not water proof so it should not be kept submerged in water for long as it might damage the battery as well as your little monster truck.

On fully charged batteries, the Traxxas stampede truck will continue to operate for 40 – 50 minutes depending upon what type of batteries you use with it. The electric motor inside this R/C monster truck has an integrated cooling fan that keeps it cool all the time. The Stampede Monster R/C truck measures 22x14x12 inches and weighs 8 lbs. It has different modes depending upon who handles it. The training mode and the off-road modes are meant for new and intermediate users having little to no prior R/C experience and the race mode is for advanced users that have full control over their little R/C monster truck.

Where To Buy ?


The Traxxas Stampede Truck is available at Amazon (with FAST shipping) at a special 40% discount price that might jump back to normal at anytime.

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