Takara Optimus Prime – RA-24 Japanese Buster Prime

Takara Optimus Prime Toy

For anyone who is a big fan of the Transformers Optimus Prime, would definitely love to get their hands on this action figure made by one of the top Japanese manufacturers, Takara. The Takara Optimus Prime is so far the best model with some hidden surprises. The Japanese call it the RA-24 Japanese buster Prime. Have a close look at the photos below to know exactly what it looks like.

Takara Optimus Prime Toy
Optimus Prime tank
The Takara Optimus Prime is made to perfection which every Optimus Prime fan would definitely admire. The previous versions of Optimus Prime were cartoonish and never delivered up to the mark when it comes to details and colors. The Takara version of Optimus Prime has definitely scored high in this sector. Special designed chromed parts give this robotic appearance as well as feel. Plus the tank color looks cooler than ever. This one even has sound effects as well as lights that would definitely get the attention of many Transformers lovers.

optimus prime figurine
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optimus Prime Toy

The Takara Optimus Prime action figure also has a little surprise that we just mentioned in the beginning. That would be his special gun which is made of its gas tank and looks exactly the same as the one seen in Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie. Minimum age for the Takara’s Optimus Prime is 5 years and above.

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