R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot – Hasbro R2D2 Droid Robot

R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot Toy

For any Star Wars fan, this R2D2 interactive droid robot will turn out to be another great companion, one being Batman Kotobukiya figure . Designed by Hasbro who produces top of the line toys and artistic action figures, the R2D2 droid robot is programmed to perform a variety of tricks that will catch the attention of anyone nearby.

R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot Toy
The R2D2 interactive droid robot toy is made specifically for ages 8 and above. It is by no means a cheap looking plastic toy just like other R2-D2 models and figures. It measures 13.2×13.2×17.8 inches and weighs 25 lbs. The Hasbro R2D2 toy robot requires 4xAA batteries to operate. The body is very well made and the R2D2 droid robot does what it does best, obey commands. There are plenty of responses for several voice commands. You can even grab the attention of R2-D2 by saying, “Hey, R2”. It is a fully interactive toy robot that has built-in programming for up to 40 different voice commands. Once you get the hold of the voice commands, controlling the R2D2 droid robot becomes more fun.

hasbro R2D2 Droid Robot Toy

The R2D2 interactive droid robot toy has impressive interactive modes that you can always rely on. It can patrol your room, shoot light beam, play a secret message etc. It is even more fun when someone hit the R2 on head. It will make irritating sound and try to run away from you, this robotic toy will definitely keep all your pets entertained all the time. The RD-D2 will even hold a beverage bottle for you, cool huh!

The Hasbro R2D2 interactive droid robot comes with 4xAA batteries and operation manual. Do not get shocked when you unbox it as it is delivered unassembled. The R2D2 body, two steering legs, projector piece, telescopic piece and the sensory array will require just a few minutes of assembling.

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