Mini RC Helicopter – Blade 3D RC Helicopter

Unlike other RC Helis, this giagantic Bladez 3D helicopter is suited for both indoor and outdoor adventures. Suitable for all ages as far as you know how to handle it and keep it away from any human being unless you want it being kicked by your elder sister. Continue reading this RC helicopter review to learn more about it.

Blade RC Helicopter Photo

This not so Mini RC helicopter is meant for those who have at least intermediate skills of flying such fun toys. With this cool heli you can perform some really eye catching manoeuvres. The RC Helicopter has the ability to move at an incredible 360 degree direction without falling down. It has a very smart and isolated remote control which does not get affected interference of other RC systems.

The remote control requires 4 x AA batteries and the the Blade RC helicopter has a chargeable battery which gets charged very quickly. Roughly a 12 minutes charging will let you fly the RC heli for almost 8 minutes so getting it charged quickly is not an issue.

Mini RC Helicopter - Bladez RC helicopter photos

With this Blade RC helicopter, you will be able to feel more control in your flying, more precision and above all more fun during every flight. If you planning to get it as a gift for your loved ones, make sure there are minimum pets around as these RC helicopters immediately get noticed and what would happen next is all history.


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