Laser Tag Guns – Hasbro Laser Tag Equipment For Two

Laser tag Equipment

What else can be more fun than a real time intense laser combat game played with realistic laser tag equipment. Tag or be tagged is what the manufacturer of these sturdy laser tags guns say especially to those who. Hasbro is the manufacturer of these top quality laser guns system that will definitely turn your suffer fun into super fun of your lifetime.

Laser tag Equipment
This laser tag equipment is for two player system. For more players game, more than one kit needs to be purchased. The kit contains two Pheonix LTX tagger guns, 2 shot blast attachments and 2 Pinpoint sight targeting units. The Hasbro laser tag guns set also comes with a video game module that many gamers have found to be really handy in training for beginners. The video game module works best with CRT TV sets.

Laser Tag Guns by Hasbro

Each Hasbro laser gun is powered by 6 x 1.5V or AA batteries that are good enough to last for 12-14 hours of gameplay. The built-in vibration and recoil makes the feel of this laser gun very much realistic along with hit indicators that tell you when you have been hit. In other models of laser guns there were some limitation such as a person cannot shoot while receiving hits. This Hasbro laser gun can both shoot and receive hits simultaneously. It is very durable laser gun so if you happen to drop it, you are rest assured that you will not crack any part as it is a very sturdy toy laser gun that you will remain with you for lots of battle games and lots of summers.

The other great ability of these laser guns is that these can hit targets as far as 300 feet so if you have a long playing ground and lots of players then this Hasbro laser equipment is the way to go. The ability to hit more than one target simultaneously is also a plus and this feature lacks in many other laser toy guns. To further add to the features of these laser guns, these work in both daylight and during night as well.

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The Hasbro Laser Tag Equipment with laser tag guns for Two is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price.

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