Iron Man Figure – Iron Man 2 Mark VI Statue

Iron Man Mark VI Figure - Iron Man 2 Statue

With Iron Man 2 recently released this month, Iron man figures and statues are already made available in most of the local and online toy stores. Many Iron Man statues look cartoonish and do not offer the same feel and appearance that the real Iron Man has but this Iron Man Mark VI statue from a Japanese manufacturer is an exception. We have also seen some great action figures from Japanese manufacturers, Batman Kotobukiya statue being one of them.

Iron Man Mark VI Figure - Iron Man 2 Statue
This Iron Man Mark VI figure came from a Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya who has been producing top quality action figures for many years including the Iron Man Mark II and the Incredible Hulk fine art statue that looks as good as real, if there was any! This Iron Man 2 Mark VI statue is made of cold cast porcelain that exactly matches the Iron Man 2 in the movie. The figure is attached to a cool looking base and the paint job on this art work is simply a piece of excellence as you can hardly tell that it is not metal. Definitely a bit more detailed Iron Man statue than those you have seen previously.

Iron Man 2 Figure

The Iron Man Mark VI figure stands 14 inches tall and weighs about 8 lbs. What has been more attractive in this Iron Man statue is the lighting effects or what is being called as light sequence which gives it a bit more robotic nature. This figurine has LED lights in eyes, fists, chest and its base. Of course it is needless to mention that this Iron Man statue is powered by batteries (included).

Where To Order ?

The Iron Man 2 Mark VI Statue is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for Pre-Order, to find out more about how to place an order, click here.

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