Construction Devastator Transformers – Transformers 2 Devastator Toy

Devastator Transformers 2 toy

If your kid is asking for the Devastator Transformers toy then you might want to have a close look at it as it requires adult supervision to initially take part in its assembly. The Transformers 2 Devastator toy is remarkably made to nearest possible perfection. Have a closer look at it in the picture below.

Devastator Transformers 2 toy
The Devastator Transformers 2 toy is made by joining six construction vehicles whose assembly requires adult supervision. But once assembled this Transformers 2 Devastator toy looks one mean Constructicon that will take down any other Transformers toy that has been built to date.

Contruction Devastator- transformers 2 devastator toy

The Devastator Transformers 2 toy is packed will all those crazy and realistic sound from the Transformers 2 movie so kids just love it. This toy is suitable for children of age 5+ and it runs on 2 x AA batteries that are included in the box. Also provided with this Transformers toy is a Philips screwdriver for assembly. Once assembled, this Transformers 2 toy will catch the attention of any kid in the neighborhood. Be prepared to get one for your own kid if your neighbor’s kid has one.

The Devastator Transformers 2 toy stands over a foot tall. It is not a light weight toy just like other low quality Transformers 2 toys as it weighs about 6.6 lbs. The size and weight does not stop it from doing what it does best, destruction. One of the coolest feature of the Transformers 2 Devastator toy is its Vortex Grinder, just like the one shown in Transformers 2 movie. By pulling the lever placed on its chest, causes the Vortex Grinder to light up with neon-green LED lights. The lever is also responsible for generating in-battle sounds that are taken right from the Transformers 2 movie.

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