Batman Kotobukiya Statue – Kotobukiya Vinyl Batman Statue New Edition

Batman Kotobukiya Statue

No one has ever made a Batman statue better than the Japanese manufacturer Kotobukiya. The top comic book publisher DC Comics has finally convinced Kotobukiya in to making the new more detailed version of Batman vinyl statue. For many die heart fans of Batman, this Batman Kotobukiya statue will turn out to be one of the best additions to their existing collection.

Batman Kotobukiya Statue
The Kotobukiya Batman stands 11.5 inches tall, 11.5 inches wide and almost 10.25 inches deep. It is one of the most detailed Batman vinyl statue that you can get, if you are lucky enough as we have come to know that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer and only few Batman Kotobukiya statues are left in stores. Check availability by clicking here.

The Kotobukiya Batman statue has strong muscular appearance. You can obviously feel that by having a closer look at the picture above. Strong muscular built comprises of legs, arms and rest of the body. The sharp looks right from the eyes make it crystal clear that Batman means business here.

The Batman Kotobukiya statue is packed in a 4-color window box and it can also turn out to be a lifetime gift for some serious Batman fans out there. If you also possess other vinyl statues from the Batman series then this Kotobukiya Batman will give them all a real tough time due to its durability, detailed texture and of course huge size making is reach almost 1 foot tall.

Where To Buy ?

The Batman Kotobukiya Statue made of vinyl is available at Amazon (with FAST shipping) till stock lasts.

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