Fluke 87-5 Multimeter – Digital Multimeter

Fluke 87-5 Multimeter

When it comes to fixing electrical equipment and troubleshooting, no one does the job better than a digital multimeter. The one shown below is Fluke 87-5 multimeter which is one of the best digital multimeters currently being used in industrial, commercial as well as domestic environment.

Fluke 87-5 Multimeter
Offering a great deal of flexibility, the Fluke 87-5 can be used for both auto and manual range. For quick changing and unstable signals, the Fluke digital multimeter also indicates an annual bar graph. As compared to previous versions in 80 series, the Fluke 87-5 has more problem solving features included with impact protection, safety as well as convenience. It offers 100% accurate measurements and assists a lot in solving problems with motor drives, power distribution , domestic electrical network and other electro-mechanical and automation equipments.

The Fluke 87-5 multimeter has a built-in thermometer which will allow you to take temperature readings without using another measuring device. This multimeter can easily be used hands free by using a built-in stand or use its magnet for attaching it to any magnetic surface. The Fluke digital multimeter is capable of measuring up to 0 A, up to 20 A for almost 30 seconds. AC / DC voltage can be measured up to 1000 Volts. Other features include measurement of frequency (max 20 kHz), resistance, continuity and diode test.

The Fluke 87-5 multimeter has large digital display with backlit which makes reading measurements very easy as compared to those compact sizes multimeters that have very small displays. This multimeter has a built-in sleep mode that helps in prolonging the battery life. And not to mention that the Fluke digital multimeter is backed by a lifetime warranty. It comes with TL75 test leads, AC72 alligator clips, holster, 9V battery, CD with detailed manual, 80BK temperature probe and a quick getting started manual.

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