Electric Pressure Washer – Electric Power Pressure Washer With Detergent Tank

Electric Pressure Washer

If you want to save some extra $$$ every year in cleaning your car, house etc then this Earthwise Electric pressure washer is the way to go. With this pressure washer you will be able to wash sidewalks, patios, grills, walls etc and of course your vehicle. With remarkable 1.6 gallons per minute of output, this electric washer will make your life a lot easier and of course cleaner without spending lots of money and extra time.

Electric Pressure Washer
This Electric pressure washer has the ability to build up to 2000 PSI of pressure which is just about the ideal pressure you require to clean cars, sidewalks, patios concrete grills etc. It has a large 30 feet pressure hose attached to a metal gun that sprays water at the beam of your choice. When washing cars you can select to shower with the gun and when cleaning concrete and dirt trapped between objects you can adjust the beam to its full pressure.

The best part about this electric pressure washer is the built-in detergent tank which comes in handy as you do not have to use additional equipment to manage detergent. Just fill the detergent tank with the desired type and before you use the water pressure pump, use the detergent to first apply to the surface for few minutes and then use the pressure washer feature to clean the surface.

This Electric power pressure washer is a lot better than those gas and liquid fuel powered pressure washers because these are a lot easier to store and do not require any special arrangements such as emptying the fuel tank etc. The price is also a lot cheaper. This electric pressure washer has a 36 feet long power cord, 30 feet long pressure hose and an adjustable pressure spray action with the help of a metal spray gun.

You can easily buy this Electric Pressure washer from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price which might jump back to normal at anytime.

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