DEWALT Miter Saw Stand – DW723 Universal Miter Saw Stand

Dewalt DW723 Miter Saw Stand

The DW723 is designed to hold firmly hold almost any brand of miter saw plus it offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to storing or transporting it to your work area. The Dewalt DW723 currently ranks as one of the top miter saw stands you can get for the price.

Dewalt DW723 Miter Saw Stand
The Dewalt DW723 miter saw stand has one of a kind universal design that will allow you to use it with not only Dewalt miter saws but almost every other miter saw brand currently available. Just place the miter saw on strong aluminum rods and lock it from beneath. The aluminum construction makes this stand not only light weight but also durable enough to hold your miter saw and cutting material. When not in use or to be transported, it gets folded and takes minimum space which means less hassle as compared to those bulky stands and tables that were used previously.

Miter Saw Stand Folded DW723

The DW723 miter saw stand has a 5.5 ft long beam that can stretch wide enough to accommodate 16 ft of any cutting material weighing a maximum of 400 lbs. The DW723 itself weighs 35 lbs. The legs in this miter saw stand are not fixed and can move left or right to equally distribute the weight of the cutting material throughout the DW723 body.

DW723 5.5 Feet beam

As far as the safety is concerned, the DW723 miter saw stand has non skid feet plus these are specially designed to be non-marring i.e. your miter saw stand will not leave any mark on the floor no matter how heavy material you put on it. This allows you to use this miter saw stand on wooden floors as well. The DW723 miter saw stand is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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