2 in 1 Glove and Boot Dryer

This is a very smart portable boot dryer that not only dries your boots, shoes and trainers but it can also be used for drying your gloves. You might be interested in owning one of these if you travel a lot.

Boot Dryer

This 2 in 1 boot dryer is designed in a way that it can even hold and dry boots as long as 14 inches. During winters when your shoes and boots get wet and soggy, just leave them on this boot dryer for a few minutes and it will dry them by circulating air through them and you can also get rid of bad odor from your boot during summer by using the same dryer. Just use some baking soda by following the instruction manual that comes with it and say good bye to those smelly shoes for good.

This boot dryer can be powered by mains power (UK only) and can also be powered by 4 x D cell batteries making this a perfect shoe and boot dryer to take with you to almost any traveling trip.

2 in 1 Boots and gloves dryer