WiTricity : Wireless Charging System

WiTricity Wireless charging

WiTricity Wireless charging

WiTricity charging uses magnetic induction which is the same technology being used worldwide in charging electronic toothbrushes and it is now about to be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable gadgets. The best part about the WiTricity wireless charging system is that users do not need to connect that gadgets to mains socket via AC adopter, as long as the gadget to be charged is within 8 feet distance from the charging pads, the battery inside the gadget will be charged and you even do not need to take your phone out of your bag or pocket in order to charge it.

The company behind the WiTricity Wireless charging system is confident that this technology will be adopted this year and might be available of the shelf soon. There is still not news in price and exact release date so stay tuned for updates.

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