Windows Phone Mango Successor “Tango” For Low-Price Handsets

Windows Phone For Low-Price

Before the launch of “Apollo” (Windows Phone 8 ) it seems that Microsoft will be going to introduce low price version of Windows Phone 7. Though Windows Phone 7 already revealed the update of “mango” version but this time before Windows 8 release Microsoft is trying to give some boost for the low-price handsets by introducing “Tango” version.

Windows Phone For Low-Price

Microsoft has announced Mango as windows 7.1 version so it is expected that Tango would be the Windows 7.5 but it is still a hypothesis. The new tango version is “all bout Nokia” so all those Nokia handsets which are based on Windows operating system and comes under low-price category will have the Tango version. The other focusing point of the Microsoft about the Tango release is that it is trying to emphasize only for Asian market.

The release date or month of the Tango version is still undecided but it will come just before the arrival of Apollo.

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