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What The Google Call For Its Branded Tablet – Google Play?

Google Play Google Tablet

Google branded 7-inch tablet is about to come this year but Google haven’t reveal much about it even its name still to be decided. On the other hand some sources are keeping an eye on the Google activity and they think that Google might decide the name for its tablet – the Google Play!

Its just an speculation that is based on the Google recent activity; Google has recently hired more than a dozen domain having Google Play term as common. So people made their assumptions on the basis of these domain names that Google Play would be the name for the upcoming Google Tablet.

Though buyer name is kept hidden on MarkMonotor but since Google acquires all of its domain from the same registrar, so people made an assumption that these domains belongs to Google only and it might be taken on behalf of its upcoming tablet. The domains which are acquired by the Google are listed as under:

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