Wearable Solar Presents Solar Powered Dress Prototype

solar powered dress

solar powered dress

A Netherlands based startup by the name Wearable Solar has presented a prototype of what can easily be termed as the ugliest looking dress in the world that can also charge your gadgets in any form of lighting available. It is a solar powered dress that is fitted with tiny solar panels.

The idea behind all this is that as we all are getting addicted to portable gadgets that require decent amount of battery juice for whole day operation so with the help of these solar powered dresses and other clothing, manufacturers can focus on making their electronics less bulky and easy to carry without worrying about running on small batteries.

The solar powered dress shown in the video below is created by a Dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen and it was featured this June at the Brooklyn’s Northside Festival. We can only wish the team good luck and hope do so these solar powered clothing being made available to consumers in near future.

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