VR Headset Allow You To Live Someone Else’s Life

Mark Farid Wearing VR Headset

Mark Farid Wearing VR Headset

Living someone else’s life is looking like a dream or just an imagination that we often think when we want to get rid of our boring lives. However, in virtual reality world it may be possible by using VR Headset. Mark Farid is an artist who is going to experience this concept by wearing the VR Headset for 28 days in a row.

Farid calls this installation Seeing-I, in which he will see footage from another person which would recorded 6 days ago. In this way, Farid will experience all the actions performed by that person and have no human interaction except he would have to interact with his psychologist each day. Whereas, his routine is subjected to that of his “input” i.e. he will eat, sleep and take bathroom breaks on behalf of his subject or when his subject does the same thing. On the other hand, the subject has to record all of his actions and routines through a clandestine camera 6 days in advance, regardless of how private the situation might be.

What do you think? Whether this project result in some identity loss by Farid mainly self and face deep psychological issues, or give some positive changes to Farid’s personality.

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