Vodafone Data Plans For UK iPad 3G Buyers

iPad 3G - UK Data Plan by Vodafone

Just as Apple opened its doors to International users for Pre-ordering iPad, both Wi-Fi and 3G version, Vodafone slides in and immediately makes two data plans for iPad 3G users in UK. iPad 3G Pre-Orders are expected to be delivered later this month so this is not a bad idea to obtain your 3G service plan in advance.

iPad 3G - UK Data Plan by Vodafone

Vodafone claims that with their SIM Only plans for Apple iPad, you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Surf the Web for 150 hours
  • Send over 3200 email messages
  • Download up to 300 sound tracks
  • Or Watch 150 short video clips

All this for as little as £10 a month with Vodafone iPad MicroSIM plan. Currently there are just two plans for iPad 3G users. One is of 1GB while the other is of 5GB. Both the SIM plans can be purchased for a 30-day contract [see details].

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