Vizio Going to Reveal its First iPhone and Tablet Before CES

This time news comes from Vizio a renowned TV and Blu-ray player manufacturer is planning to introduce its two different products during the first week of January hopefully before coming CES for the first time; one is and iPhone and the other is a Tablet both are Android based.

Since the devices are not shown off hence detailed features are not revealed except for few. The iPhone is named as Via Phone and has following prominent features:

  • 4-inch touchscreen
  • 5MP rear camera and a front-facing camera
  • Android OS

Via iPhone
Via iPhone

While the Via tablet has following dominant features:

  • 8 inch high resolution touchscreen
  • WiFi wireless connectivity
  • Three speakers
  • A front-facing camera for video conferencing
  • Android OS

Via Tablet
Via Tablet

It is expected that both the devices Via iPhone and Tablet will be shown off on Monday before CES and will be available for customers during this summer.

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