Ultrasonic Stylus From Texas Instruments Showed Off At MWC



Texas Instruments this time brings one of a useful innovation at this MWC, the innovation is an ultrasonic stylus which can communicate via tablet over ultrasonic frequencies. The demo of this unique stylus is given on a tablet having four microphones at the four corners of the tablet which actually interprets the pointing directions of the stylus.

The stylus from Texas Instruments would be a great gadget for various professionals who are associated with educational and business fields and are used to give presentations most of the time. This ultrasonic stylus helps them to demonstrate anything without even touching the screen and just give demo by sitting far away from the screen.

This stunning gadget seems to take time to come in the market but according to TI it will hopefully be launched within a quarter or two in affordable price. Until then just watch the working of this amazing stylus in this demo video.

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