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UK Government Approves Stealth M600 Encrypted USB Flash Drive by MXI Security

USB flash drives offer a great deal of flexibility in transferring data from one computer to another but these are also one of the top reasons your computer got infected with malware and viruses. That is why UK Government had not allowed the use of such USB flash drives for handling Government data but recently the MXI Security’s Stealth M600 USB Flash drive has just got approval.

Stealth M600 Encrypted USB flash Drive

The MXI Security Stealth M600 Encrypted USB Flash drive is equipped with Bluefly, Portable Security Processor, which is specifically designed to handle all sorts of malware that could harm secret government data. The Stealth M600 USB flash drive is packed in a durable metal enclosure which makes it both waterproof and dustproof. Now the UK Government officials can now safely rely on the M600 to keep their data protected at all costs.

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