Tree Will Be Able To Generate Electricity In Near Future

Wind Tree Turbine

Wind Tree Turbine

We all know that trees are good source of fresh air and maintain blalance in our ecological system. Therefore, planting more and more trees could save our world from pollution and worst climatic conditions. But it seems that, in near future we can grow trees not only for getting clean environment but also for getting electricity. Yes! NewWind is a company behind the Wind Tree Turbine Concept, which can generate electricity.

According to this idea, the tree will comprise of several conical shape leaves, which will act as vertical axis turbine. These turbines capable of generating electricity with minimum requirement of 2m/sec wind speed (4.4mph). The prototype design has been developed which consists of 72 vertical axis turbines (leaves) that could deliver approximately 3.1 KW of total power. The prototype wind tree is 11m high and has 8m diameter and it looks like the real tree. The body is made of purely steel where all the cables and generators are installed inside. This eco-friendly device is not because of its shape but also due to its silence function, which never create any noise.


After giving the demo on the prototype NewWind is going to take the test drive of Wind Tree Turbine in the coming March, 2015 in Paris. As far as the cost is concerned, the whole project costs around $36,500. Don’t think it as an expensive idea but take it as one time investment which could deliver output for long time and pay for itself in few years. Anyway, we would not say anymore about the Wind Tree Concept, time will tell whether the prototype gain attention or not?

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