Track Your Activity Sports Via Social-Enhanced LIT Activity Tracker

LIT Activity Tracker

LIT Activity Tracker

NZN Lab recently introduced a smart device for sports person or adventurous people who need to monitor their round the clock regular activities like walking and running. It seems that the Indiegogo campaign of LIT Activity Tracker is going remarkable where it is considered as the useful device for extreme sports to keep fit every time. The LIT Activity Tracker is a nice compact device which can be worn on your wrist, on your belt, on a lanyard, in your pocket, or just about anywhere else.

SInce the LIT is primarily optimized for the professionals, therefore it is designed with lots of interesting calculations like; interpreting steps, distance, duration, intensity, strokes, paddles, jumps, rotations, turns, G-force, airtime, and more with surf, skate, snow and moto modes.

The LIT Activity Tracker not only allows you to analyze your activity or fitness data with yourself it is for the first time that an activity tracker comes with Elements of Competition and social sharing. Using this feature you can able to launch competition with your friends and share your data on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and more via Touch Share app.

Lets have a brief look at the hardware features and supports of the LIT Activity Tracker

  • Shock resistant, water resistant up to 10 ATM / 100m
  • Advanced 6-axis sensor family employing sensor fusion
  • Rechargeable battery with 4+ days of backup time
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Compatible with Bluetooth LE enabled iOS devices and 2014 Select Android devices

Its future price is suggested as $149 but you can pledge your support and receive one when it hits its financial goal for $99.

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