Toshiba Unveils 128GB Flash Chip For Portable Devices

Toshiba 128GB Flash Chip

Today Toshiba in its press release announced that it has officially launched its first ever 128GB flash chip that is meant to target portable devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablet PCs etc. The 128GB flash chips were formed as layers of sixteen 64Gbits NAND chips were fabricated together, thanks to the 32nm cutting-edge technology.

Toshiba 128GB Flash Chip

These 128GB flash chips are compatible with the latest JEDEC e-MMC standard. These flash chips will continue to operate at temperatures as high as 85 degree centigrade. This will open new doors in portable devices world. Just imagine carrying your favorite movies in your pocket and that all that in high definition.

Toshiba has announced that these 128GB flash chips will go into mass production by Q4 2010. Let us keep our fingers crossed for price that is not too high that an average gadget lover will hesitate to pay for.

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