Tinkermite Kids Tablet – A Low-Tech Puzzle Game But High-Tech-Learning



Are your kid is getting elder like above 3 years and always try to play with your smartphone or tablet and make you conscious about your mobile devices? Generally, nowadays these activities of kids are common because they want to know and play with everythings which they see around them.

At this stage you need to give them awareness about the current technology rather than keep that things away from them. Tinkermite is such a tablet which teach them high-tech technology with a low-tech play. Its basically a puzzle game particularly created for kids above 3-years of age. The Tinkermite Tablet consists of individual parts of tablet or phone in terms of puzzle blocks through which you can teach your kid how to make tablet or phone using these components like CPU, SIM, memory, camera, WiFi, battery, etc. Given below is a video which shows you how to teach kids about these devices and technology.

Kickstarter is the only place from where you can get this Tinkermite Tablet at $50 pledge money.

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