The JooJoo Tablet Computer

JooJoo Tablet Computer

The JooJoo tablet PC might not turn out to be a as pleasant as the Apple iPad but it sure is loaded with some serious hardware for tablet computer lovers. With a screen size of 12.1 inch, it definitely beats the iPad that is just 9.7 inches but a lot more is to be learned about this gadget before you get a hold of it.

JooJoo Tablet Computer

The JooJoo tablet computer is a web-only device and is not loaded with any operating system that is why it gets you connected with the web in just 9 seconds, remarkable isn’t it ! The JooJoo tablet is equipped with Intel Aton 1.6GHz processor which is the same processor that comes with most of the netbooks. It has Nvidia Ion graphics chipset and a camera for video conferencing, iPad has no camera so JooJoo tablet computer ranks slightly higher in this department. The device has both WiFi and Bluetooth support and its battery can power it for a maximum of 5 hours on WiFi. Battery time is something that will definitely not convince many buyers. Considering the fact that its price is the same as that of Apple iPad, we seriously doubt that it will have any significant impact on market share of tablet computer sales this year.

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