The Apple iPad Has Arrived

Apple ipad

Well not exactly a detailed review we have for you as it is way too early to say how much business Apple iPad will be doing this summer. Starting at $499 and reaching as high as $829, this might very well turn out to be the top gadget of this year. Customers and many other geeks like me have currently kept their fingers crossed as iPad make its way to the market at selected stores. People can get a decent notebook for that price still they are talking about the fancy touch screen technology that has been moved from a small iPod touch screen to this mega size iPad which has 9.7 inches of touchscreen display.

Apple ipad
Currently the Apple iPad is available in 16, 32 and 64GB version. Price starts at $499 for the Wi-Fi version while prices for the other version that also has 3G support can cost you as high as $829. Many people are claiming that this gadget has the potential to replace a fully functional notebook or even a desktop computer. Lets see how well it performs in the hands of some real people. Stay tuned for a detailed review on this Apple iPad.

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