Surface 3 Does Not Support Windows 10 At The Moment

Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3

A couple of months back, Microsoft released a lite version of the Surface Pro 3 tablet, the Microsoft Surface 3 which not only had and lower price tag but was also powered by a not a very powerful CPU which is the Intel Atom CPU. The Surface 3 came with Windows 8.1 OS out of the box and is looks great on a 10.8″ Full HD display with touchscreen support.

However, Microsoft has warned the Surface 3 users to not even attempt to install Windows 10 preview on that device since Microsoft has not added drivers support for this particular CPU and is currently focused on adding support for more latest CPUs and chipsets.

However, the owners of Microsoft Surface 3 should not be disappointed as there is a very high possibility that the driver support for their device will be added to Windows 10 operating system in near future but we still don’t know when.

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