Sony Will Launch All e-Paper Smartwatch Next Year

Sony e-Paper Smartwatch

Sony e-Paper Smartwatch

Sony new division formed by Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is planning to introduce a new kind of Smartwatch next year, which is solely made of e-paper or e-ink. The watch will be made entirely for fashion purpose, as its main concern is the outer design, so don’t expect much in hardware.

According to the Sony team, the watch’s wristband and face is made entirely of e-paper but it is still not clear that what kind of e-paper will be used because we have seen different manufacturers interprets and presents in their perspectives like Pebble Smartwatch and CST-01 watch. According to non-confirmed sources, it might be a “patented material”, which will be used to make all kinds of display and various designs. The image above is not the exact one but an imagination.

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