Sony SmartWatch Got Interesting Updates



Sony a leading consumer electronic company has just updated its SmartWatch, Sony did so because various companies including Apple is going to introduced SmartWatches. Thats why Sony want to lead from the front in producing smartwatch. Keeping this aspect in mind, it brought few important updates to the Sony SmartWatch which include:

Six Smart Faces : Sony brings six different faces for its SmartWatch including retro, wacky, contemporary and others. All these faces have different functionality like; show time with “double Tap”, ‘my gesture’ movement detection or by moving the watch towards you with a twist of the wrist.

SmartWatch Faces

Social Alerts : Now you can get Social alerts instantly on your SmartWatch by seeing snippets of your messages, tweets and wall posts, when notified of new interactions

Smoother Search : Over 200 SmartWatch apps are now available on Google Play, so more likely one of your desired app is waiting for you. Get it right now and do what you want with your watch.

Improved Connectivity : Sony has made connectivity easier and simpler for its SmartWatch through QR code which now allows you to connect SmartWatch with any other non-Sony Android Phones.

In addition with above improved updates, Sony SmartWatch also has improved battery level indication and two new color bands — turquoise and purple — and new designs from third-party makers. It is available at Amazon, see details.

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