Smokie The First Connected E-Cigarette

Smokio e-cigarette

Smokio e-cigarette

Smokio is one of a kind of electronic cigarette made exclusively for smokers or ex-smokers that are at least 18 years old. It is also claimed to be the first connected e-cigarette which can be paired with smartphones with the help of its dedicated app.

The Smokio has a 900mAh battery which will last up to 7 hours of usage and weeks if in standby. There is internal hardware that monitors and stores data such as the number of puffs, places where the Smokio has been used etc. All this information can be access via the Smokio smartphone app.

The Smokio connected e-cigarette will be made available in black, silver and blue colors. All the Smokio e-cigarettes are made in France and users will be able to order it in the coming days.

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