Smart Toothbrush by Goodwell Might be Different

Smart toothbrush

Smart toothbrush

Goodwell wants your money to fund of what it calls the open source modern toothbrush. It might look like an ordinary toothbrush to you at first but do not be fooled by it. The Goodwell toothbrush equips a 3-axis accelerometer and an onboard microcontroller that will be responsible for keeping track of your daily brushing activity.

It has its own mobile app for analysis of your brushing sequences plus the user can also log on to their website for similar statistics. The Goodwell smart toothbrush is also made open source and hack friendly so that users and developers can contribute.

For those who are interested, they can support the Goodwell funding campaign via Crown Supply. If it does reach its funding goals, the Goodwell smart toothbrush will be sold at a retail price of $150.

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