SleekSpeak – A Wireless Speaker For Your Bike



Cyclists who love to listen music while riding must have their headphones with them while cycling; but sometimes its get annoying to make the wires fix and most of the time it drops. Now a unique wireless speaker is built for those crazy cyclists to enjoy music smoothly all the time while travelling.

The speaker is named as SleekSpeak which is enclosed in a safe skin made of rubber or silicon and it can be fixed nicely and easily anywhere on your bike through the stretchy strap. You can connect the speaker with your mobile via bluetooth and then gives you the sufficient loud sound of 80dB which superimposed over the traffic and wind sound. Its not particularly dedicated to hear music only you can hear whatever you want from your phone like GPS, audio books, podcasts or even a training app to take its full advantage. The sleekspeak can run up to 12 hrs. on a single charge.

The SleekSpeak will be made available in different color combinations for Skin and Trim. As far as its availability is concerned SleekSpeak is currently featured on Kickstarter for $79 to build toward a $75,000 pledge will still retail at the reasonable price of $100. Check out its demo video on kickstarter.

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