SK Telecom Offers Smart Cart Pilot Project For China

SK Smart Pilot Project

South Korean telecom company SKM has just started a new Smart Pilot Project for Chinese folks; the project is based upon all shopping information quickly provided to the customers. The project utilizes a user smartphone to provide all the information via accurate indoor positioning technology.

SK Smart Pilot Project

All you need to install the required application on your smartphone and then you can easily get information regarding shopping/discount information, store coupons and draw up a shopping list. It is not enough; another feature of this service synchronizes your smartphone with a tablet PC installed to a smart shopping cart through user authentication and thus you will get further shopping details like catalog, product information, discount information, etc. and receive coupons using augmented reality technology. In the end, at the checkout point the tablet screen shows all the shopping activity you have done so far for instance; list of purchased items, membership points and available coupons.

This Smart Cart Pilot Project is only available in Shanghai Lotus Supermarket for trial basis; if this would get success then definitely SK will bring more shopping cart projects with recommended improvements obtained by the customers to all cities of china and Korea.

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