Shirt Changes Its Appearance Based on Surroundings

Piexus shirt concept

Piexus shirt concept

This is an interesting shirt concept put forward by designer Vernon Chen and Joanne Lim Jin Xuan. Based on how human life has evolved and what it is going to be in future, the Piexus concept shirt will change its appearance depending on the surroundings.

For a sports occasion, the shirt will look like a sports jersey, for formal business meetings, the shirt transforms into jacket and tie (see video below). The final appearance is still not impressive for formal wearing but for other occasion, it might do the job.

The Piexus shirt concept is made of pixilated nano particles that are able to sense the surrounding environment and change appearance accordingly.

The Piexus shirt concept however, is a very interesting and exciting concept considering that it will have a huge yet positive impact on clothing as well as laundry bills.


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