Sharp Revealed Health Cockpit For Measuring Health Perimeters

Sharp Health Cockpit

Sharp Health Cockpit

At the SEMICON Japan 2014, Sharp has introduced its unique device related to health named as Health Cockpit. The device looks similar to the premium airline seat hence why it is named so. The device tells about various important health perimeters just by sitting on it.

At the SEMICON, Sharp has given some presentations for this cockpit; when a person sits on the chair it will tell following important perimeters:

  • Weight (indicated by BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse rate
  • Stress state
  • Health of the blood vessels (firmness)

By using the above values of above factors, device will show the overall health score. All of these factors are calculated via Bluetooth enabled sphygmomanometer and pulse wave sensor. Thus eliminating the need of multiple devices to calculate the above perimeters and make life easier for doctor and patient as well.

If you are still not convinced with the device then you get to know that it measure blood pressure in accordance with the Continua Health Alliance standard and the pulse wave sensor is designed with the cooperation of U-Medica Inc. that utilizes near infrared light (around 670nm) for measuring the stress, pulse rate and blood vessel health.

According to Sharp, the measurement data will be able to store onto the Sharp’s cloud storage or through medical institution partnerships. Sharp is also considering utilizing in larger healthcare analysis.

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