SanDisK Announces World’s Smallest 64GB iSSD Integrated Solid State Drive

SanDisk iSSD

SanDisk has just announced its first ever World’s smallest solid state drive in the embedded SSD category which means this improved and integrated SSD (iSSD) will target mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet devices, compact notebooks etc.

SanDisk iSSD
iSSD SanDisk Drive

The SanDisk iSSD is smaller than a postage stamp and is available in 4GB to 64GB sizes having capabilities of 160 MB/s sequential read and 100 MB/s sequential write speeds. The SanDisk iSSD measures 16 x 20 x 1.85 mm only and will be supplied in bulk so the price per unit will pretty much depend upon quantity being ordered.

The announcement was made in the Flash Memory Summit 2010. Since the launch of iPad, we have seen several other tablet computers emerging from almost every part of the world and we have a feeling that it will be soon when we would be able to see a device having one of the SanDisk’s integrated solid state drive (iSSD).

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