Samsung New Flexible and Unbreakable AMOLED Display Screens

Samsung unbreakable AMOLED screen

Samsung has recently announced that it is working on a new type of display technology that will make the AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode)screen not only flexible but also unbreakable. Currently the AMOLED display screen is being used in most of the phones, camera and many other devices. These new unbreakable AMOLED display screens will be seen in the next few years.

Samsung unbreakable AMOLED screen

Samsung has already been manufacturing many AMOLED displays for phones. These new flexible and unbreakable AMOLED displays will of course be more in terms of price, life as well as attention. The screen will be made unbreakable by installing an AMOLED plastic panel on to a universal board. A TFT(thin film transistor) will replace the existing vinyl protection sheet along with PI (polyimide) sheet to avoid light emission defects.

The Following video demonstrates the new Samsung unbreakable and flexible AMOLED display screen.

VIDEO : Samsung Unbreakable / Flexible AMOLED Screen

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