Samsung Mobile Display Unveils Super PLS Display Technology

Samsung Super PLS Display

Samsung Mobile Display has just revealed what their engineers have been testing in labs lately and have come up with a new display technology called the Super PLS (Plane to line Switching) which is expected to increase the viewing angles on LCD displays as well as enhance brightness levels.

Samsung Super PLS Display

Samsung demos that the new Super PLS Displays have improved viewing angles by 100% and are 10% brighter than conventional IPS panels used in mobile devices and other forms of display screens. The new Super PLS Display will support resolution up to WXGA and will also be low in price by 15%. This will be attracting many manufacturers as the current era of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices; it is not long when we would actually experience the Super PLS technology in gadgets.

Samsung Mobile Display will be starting to mass produce these new Super PLS panels in Q1 2011.

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