Samsung Going to Announce Wave 2, Wave 2 Pro and Omnia Pro 4 Tomorrow

samsung wavepro

Renowned mobile phone manufacture company Samsung is going to announce at CommunicAsia 2010, the three handsets at a time which are Wave 2, Wave 2 Pro and Omni Pro 4. Though the complete information about these sets is not still unveiled by the company but some basic information is disclosed about the physical appearance and operating systems.

samsung wavepro

The two phone Wave 2 and Wave 2 pro are almost similar except Wave 2 Pro has physical QWERTY keyboard and both these phones are powered by Bada operating system. On the other hand the Omni Pro 4 has Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform.

samsung wave

Besides releasing these three phones in bunch Samsung is also going to unveil its Android sets which include Galaxy S and I5500 Corby Smartphone which are already available in the market. To know the specs of above three phones let’s wait and see after their release in CommunicAsia 2010 tomorrow.

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