Runsafer A New Development In Health Sciences

Runsafer Shoe

Runsafer Shoe

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, recently presented an idea of Runsafer Shoes which will be announced soon. The idea based on to improve health by running/walking and reduce injuries.

Generally, people can’t maintain balance between their exercise or running and normal routine work just because they couldn’t able to realize how to do everything properly which makes you fit. Now technology simplifies this issue, Runsafer Shoes are not the ordinary shoes, these are designed for walking/running purpose. These are built with electronic sensors for G force, direction, speed, force of impact and surface hardness that keep data of your biomechanical parameters like impacts, pressure, overpronation, etc. By calculating these parameters, it will suggest you to manage your running pattern.

Now lets see how these shoes convey the suggestions and show data; the Runsafer Shoe is built with WiFi (Bluetooth 4.0) which connects with your phone and through the particular app you can see the data and start running accordingly. The runners will also be able to transfer all their running information into a 2.0 web portal for a personalized training programmes development and control.

Researches believe that the Runsafer Shoes will definitely bring change in human life as running helps to yield clear and numerous benefits on health.

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