Rumba Time GO Watch-Your Future Electronic Wallet


Since everything in today’s world has become electronically connected, now your wallet can perform wireless payments and provide medical information. The RumbaTime GO watch not only serve for these purposes but also provide you an ease in carrying your personal data and cash in your wrist watch rather than taking it in your wallet which makes you uncomfortable while sitting.

In addition with normal watch functions including display time, stopwatch, alarm, and back-light mode; the Rumba Time GO provide medical information at the time of any accident, the medical personnel will call on the Toll Free number of the watch printed on it. It easily makes payments by just swiping the watch beside the credit card system at the shop.


To take the benefits of the watch you will need to do is go to the official RumbaTime Go site and set up an account using the 8-digit VITAnumber listed on each watch. From there you may enter your medical information and make an account for wireless payments by providing your credit card information.

The RumbaTime GO is available online at RumbaTime store at price of $35, where also need to buy separate chip for that watch online which keeps your payment information. RumbaTime will then ship the chip which will have to insert in your watch and then you will be able to use watch for payments. To learn more how it works watch out the demo video below.

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